Iloiset Loqi-laukut, olkaa hyvä! Ekologinen Loqi-laukku on tehty kierrätysmateriaalista. Se on pestävä, vedenkestävä myrkytön, kevyt ja vahva; Loqi-laukku kestää 20 kilon painon ja reppu kantaa 10 kg.

Vahva valinta, kuten valmistaja asian ilmaisee: 

Loqi Bags:

Strong like a man, loyal like a dog. LOQI bags are super-strong, chemical-free, long-lasting, water-resistant and washable. And extremely good looking. No, it’s not too much to ask. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Loqi Backpacks:

May the road be fun. May the road be fast.

May it be full of friendly twists and flavorful turns.
May the road be a fantastic blast. This one is for our dearest, fearless friends.
This one is one for the road. The LOQI backpack.